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Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Special Project

I started looking at colleges last year and found Armed RevolutioKnits through the Clairemont Colleges site.  Here is a bit about them from their site:

"Armed RevolutioKnits consists of students of the Claremont Colleges who have decided to express discontent with the maltreatment of women worldwide and promote positive social and political change through the art of yarn bombing.
We are reclaiming the art of knitting from its normal domestic connotation and transforming it into a display we hope can change the world and empower women.
Yarn graffiti is similar to regular graffiti in several ways. Most graffiti attempts to reclaim a public space for artistic and political expression and bring color to areas where there is none. Unlike other forms of graffiti, however, yarn graffiti (“yarn bombing”) does not actually damage property and can be easily removed. It’s also an art form that is generally associated with the domestic, so its use as graffiti is a twofold social provocation.
People may be surprised by the yarn graffiti disrupting the world around them, but we feel that this is the purpose of graffiti in the first place. Our yarn graffiti interrupts the normal environment by adding color and texture and by bringing to the surface issues that we feel should be discussed. Just because we don’t necessarily want to see something doesn’t mean we shouldn’t acknowledge that it is important. We do not want to be offensive or accusatory, but would like to promote a dialogue about the issues that we raise."
At the end of last year, I helped out the people at Armed RevolutioKnits with a couple of projects.  One project involved knit/crochet hearts and was geared toward raising awareness about women's heart health.  The other project involved knit/crochet "ties" and promoted women's involvement in government.  I donated hearts and ties that I designed and created and I also posted information and hearts/ties around San Diego.  I am featured on their blog right now.  Have a peek!

Here are some photos of my work:

I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Armed RevolutioKnits this year and in the future!  

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Donations

Today, 30 hats were delivered to Dr. Sabina Wallach's office.

Last week, I visited the University of Toledo Medical Center and had surgery to implant a cardiac loop recorder.  It will help my doctors decide how to proceed with my treatment.

The summer is speeding by!